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Cleenol Heavy Duty Orange Cleaner 5L

Product code: 082PHD5


For use on hard surfaces such as paintwork and plastic.  Suitable for safety floors. Can be safely used in floor cleaning equipment and low-pressure sprayers. Not suitable for use in food preparation areas.

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Product code: 082PHD5

Degreasers are one of the most effective cleaning solutions out there for cleaning commercial kitchens. They excel in eliminating heavy and water-insoluble soils.

While most cleaning solutions are designed to help loosen soils so they can be wiped away, degreasers are engineered to break down and dissolve grease, oil, wax, and other water-insoluble soils so that they can be removed from surfaces.

Always use cold water if diluting degreasers as this will help prevent foaming and ensure the degreaser is working properly. Please never mix degreasers with any other cleaning solutions as an undesired chemical reaction may occur, possibly resulting in fumes or de-activation of the degreasing agent.

Remember to wear protective clothing such as gloves. When cleaning tile and grout manually, goggles should be worn. When mopping floors, use a dual-bucket cleaning system to help separate rinse water from the cleaning solution to keep the cleaning solution cleaner.

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